Is your Child Ready for Middle School?
Are You?

With new teachers, classes, friends, activities - even a new building, middle school can feel a bit overwhelming for your child…and for you.

Starting middle school isn’t like other school years. Kindergarteners are wide-eyed and shiny. Grade-schoolers are color-coding their folders and sharpening their pencils. High schoolers are gossiping over who hung out together over the summer and wondering how many days until break.
Then there are the middle schoolers — kind of like the middle child in the family. They’re straddling the line between “little kid” and “big kid.” And, now with the start of school upon you both, fears can begin to mount.


Top fears for kids include:

● not being able to work combination locks or find classes
● using the restroom at school
● undressing in the locker room
● being late for class
● not having friends
● being bullied
● being too different
● tough classes

And your fear?
That this will happen to your child.

All of this can leave both you and your child feeling a bit more anxious and overwhelmed during the first few weeks of school.
Hi, I'm Julie Smith, licensed psychotherapist, behaviorist and adolescent specialist.
For almost three decades, I have dedicated myself to the field of family and adolescent development. I specialize not only in helping parents + professionals speak teen, but I also offer support during high-risk, high-need situations.
That is exactly why I created What to Do When™ your Tween is Starting Middle School, a unique parent guide to understand and address middle school preparation with tweens.

For just $29.95,
you will receive…

The What to Do When™ Parent Guide

What to Do When™ Your Tween is Starting Middle School, delivered in multiple forms: video, audio and transcript - so you can get the information how you want it. Topics covered include:

● How to help your child thrive during the first two weeks of school.
● What today’s middle schooler really looks like.
● How to know what your child needs, even if they’re not telling you.
● What you need to thrive as a parent of a middle-schooler.

Your Resource Library + Toolkit

The What to Do When™ Essential Toolbox + Resource Library is packed with my top tricks, tools, interviews, resources and expert advice to help you support your child during this stage of life. A sampling of printables in this essential includes:

● Back to School Emergency Kits
● What to Do the Night Before
● Locker 101 cheat sheet
● Back to School Conversation Starters
● Study tips
● ...and more

Continued Community + Support

Access to our private message forum in the What to Do When™ library to connect with me and my team. This is your opportunity to ask us anything. 

A private one-hour session with me costs $300. What to Do When™ gives you my expert advice for a fraction of that price! 

In addition, you will have continued access to  this product, updates and the forum for the lifetime of this product.   



You'll also receive access in your library to the following invaluable bonuses for parents of teens.

● What to Do When Parent Mini-Guide, "Meet the Tween" 

● What to Do When your Tween or Teen is in Crisis

"Thank you so much, Julie. I hear so many horror stories about middle school. You helped put my fears aside and create a fantastic entry into middle school for my daughter."

TJ, mom of 4 (11, 9, and twins, 4)

This product is for you if:

  • you want to deepen the communication levels between you and your child. 
  • you want to have courageous conversations with your child about real issues that happen in his or her life. (FYI…your child is experiencing these things every day at school.)
  • you want to be proactive.
  • you want to feel confident that you and your child are prepared for middle school.
  • your child has had difficulty with transitions.

This product is NOT for you if:

  • you are looking for a quick fix.
  • you are looking to blame others.
  • you don’t think you need to prepare your child for middle school.
  • you think “nothing will ever happen to my child.”

Middle school is a huge milestone in you and your child’s life and relationship.

What to Do When™ will help make the transition a little easier.


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