What happened to that sweet lil’ child who wanted
just one more kiss, one more story,
one more snuggle?

Adolescence happened and with it comes a full spectrum of emotions for your tween ... and for you!  

Tweens are simultaneously complicated and interesting. One minute they can be funny and helpful; the next moment moody and rebellious.

Begin to understand what your tween needs with this free What to Do When™ Parent Mini-Guide, Meet the Tween.


Hi, I'm Julie Smith, licensed psychotherapist, behaviorist and adolescent specialist.
For almost three decades, I have dedicated myself to the field of family and adolescent development. I specialize not only in helping parents + professionals speak teen, but I also offer support during high-risk, high-need situations.
To help ease the transitions into the tween-to-teen years, I’ve created this free What to Do When™ "mini" where you will learn seven things you can do to support your child as he or she enters into this stage of life.

At absolutely no cost, you will receive...

The What to Do When™ Parent Mini-Guide

The What to Do When™ Parent Mini-Guide: Meet the Tween, delivered in video and audio - so you can get the information how you want it.

What to Do When™ Kids Speak Out MP3

The What to Do When™ Kids Speak Out mp3 where you will hear directly from a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old about what it is like to be a teen today.

Continued Community + Support

Access to our What to Do When™ Facebook group to connect with a community of parents, just like you.  

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