Alcohol + Pot are the Drugs of Choice among Teens. Chances are your Teen is All-Too Aware of the Presence in Their World.

Are You? 

Over 50% of American youth, ages 12 to 20, have tried alcohol, with the first drink at 13 for girls and 11 for boys. The average age for smoking pot is 16 but up to 16% of eighth graders have admitted that they started in middle school.

Underage drinking - especially before age 15 - increases the risk for many alcohol and drug-related problems.

Problems include:
● increased risk-taking including driving or riding with someone under the influence
● withdrawal and isolation
● poor grades
● increased depression or anxiety
● exhibiting inappropriate, aggressive, even abusive behavior
● being a victim of a violent crime
● becoming involved in criminal acts
● engaging in unprotected sex
● sexual assault
● suicide attempts

The Risks are Real

As a parent, you know the importance of talking to your teen about alcohol and substance abuse. It should be as easy as talking about sex or healthy habits.
The reality, though, is that most parents are not talking about drinking and drugs, and that must change.
No longer is it an option to think that your child won’t be affected. And, these numbers are increasing…the numbers are scary because it is no longer a matter of IF your child is exposed to alcohol but WHEN.
Hi, I'm Julie Smith, licensed psychotherapist, behaviorist and adolescent specialist.
For almost three decades, I have dedicated myself to the field of family and adolescent development. I specialize not only in helping parents + professionals speak teen, but I also offer support during high-risk, high-need situations.

That is exactly why I created What to Do When™ your Teen is Drinking and Using, a unique parent guide to understand and address drinking + substance use in teens.

For just $29.95,
you will receive…

The What to Do When™ Parent Guide

The introductory essential What to Do When™ Your Teen is Addicted to Technology, delivered in multiple forms: video, audio and transcript - so you can get the information how you want it. Topics covered include:

● How to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol.

● What the signs of drinking or drug use look like.

● What to do if your tween or teen has been caught drinking.

● How to set consequences.

● Understand the difference between use, misuse and abuse.

● What you can do to rebuild trust.

Your Resource Library + Toolkit

The What to Do When™ Essential Toolbox + Resource Library is packed with my top tricks, tools, interviews, resources and expert advice to help you support your child during this stage of life. A sampling of printables in this essential include:

● Starting the conversation

● Setting consequences

● Slang terms for drugs

● Types of drugs

● Signs of marijuana use

● Choosing a counselor

● Establish house rules

● Setting up a behavior contract

● ...and more

Continued Community + Support

Access to our private message forum in the What to Do When™ library to connect with me and my team. This is your opportunity to ask us anything. 

A private one-hour session with me costs $300. What to Do When™ gives you my expert advice for a fraction of that price! 

In addition, you will have continued access to  this product, updates and the forum for the lifetime of this product.  




You'll also receive access in your library to the following invaluable bonuses for parents of teens.

● What to Do When Parent Mini-Guide, "Meet the Tween" 

● What to Do When your Tween or Teen is in Crisis

"This gave us the information we needed to dig deeper with our son. Thank you. "

S., mom of 13YO

This product is for you if:

  • you want to deepen the communication levels between you and your child.
  • you want to have courageous conversations with your child about real issues that happen in his or her life.
  • you want to be proactive.
  • there is a current concern.
  • you want to (re) build trust with your child.


This product is NOT for you if:

  • are looking for a magic pill, quick fix or one-size-fits-all solution.
  • use intimidation and fear tactics to “whip your child into shape.”
  • just want to get in and get out.
  • don’t see the humor in kids.
  • don’t care about kids.
  • want to blame others.
  • feel children should be neither seen or heard.

Underage drinking and substance use is risky,
and it is on the rise.

Get the essentials you need to help you and your child know what to do when with alcohol and drugs.


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