It’s every Parent’s Nightmare, and Sadly,
Many Teens' Reality.


Every day, there are thousands of tweens and teens who wake up and dread going to school or going online because they are afraid. They are afraid of the taunts, the teases and the violence. Most of all, they are afraid that they are helpless.

As a parent, you may be feeling that same helplessness…wondering if bullying will ever stop.

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Bullying has been around since the dawn of the human race. However, there was a time when kids could get a break from bullying by going home at the end of the day.

That is no longer the case.


Bullying has increased in intensity and frequency and kids are at risk to bullying every hour and every day.


The results of this 24/7 aggression?

● isolation and withdrawal

● fear and worry - even an increase in anxiety

● intimidation

● self-harming behaviors

● aggression and violence

● suicidal thoughts

Bullying can have serious consequences for your child and your family. 

Bullying does not go away with wishful thinking. It is not something your child is going to get over immediately. It takes time, support and everyone working together to help your child through this. With kindness and compassion, it does happen.
It is critical that you know what to do when your child is exposed to this aggression.
Hi, I'm Julie Smith, licensed psychotherapist, behaviorist and adolescent specialist.
For almost three decades, I have dedicated myself to the field of family and adolescent development. I specialize not only in helping parents + professionals speak teen, but I also offer support during high-risk, high-need situations.

And, that is exactly why I created What to Do When™ your Teen is Bullied, a unique parent guide to understand and address bullying.

For just $29.95,
you will receive…

The What to Do When™ Parent Guide

What to Do When Your Teen is Bullied, delivered in multiple forms: video, audio and transcript - so you can get the information how you want it. Topics covered include:

● Spot the signs that your child may be bullied.
● Understand the motivation behind bullying.
● Learn how to listen to your child and to help your child develop a support system.
● Raise your awareness on which states have laws against bullying and cyberbullying.system.
● Acknowledge your own feelings.
● Know who and how to reach out to authorities. 


Your Resource Library + Toolkit

The What to Do When™ Essential Toolbox + Resource Library is packed with my top tricks, tools, interviews, resources and expert advice to help you support your child during this stage of life. A sampling of printables in this essential include:

● Building your Personal Support Team
● Creating a Bully-Free Safety Plan
● State Bullying and Cyberbullying Laws
● Choosing a Counselor
● ...and more

Continued Community + Support

Access to our private message forum in the What to Do When library to connect with me and my team. This is your opportunity to ask us anything. 

A private one-hour session with me costs $300. What to Do When gives you my expert advice for a fraction of that price! 

In addition, you will have continued access to  this product, updates and the forum for the lifetime of this product.   



You'll also receive access in your library to the following invaluable bonuses for parents of teens.

● What to Do When Parent Mini-Guide, "Meet the Tween" 

● What to Do When your Tween or Teen is in Crisis

"I was terrified when I started searching online for information about bullying. Thank you for having something relatable and informational. "

Bonnie, mom of 13YO

This product is for you if:

  • you want to learn about what bullying is and isn’t.
  • you want to have courageous conversations with your child about real issues that happen in his or her life. (FYI…your child is experiencing these things every day at school.)
  • you want to be proactive.
  • you want your child to know he or she isn’t alone or powerless.
  • there is a current concern.

This product is NOT for you if:

  • you believe bullying is just “kids’ play.”
  • you don’t believe your child
    are looking for a magic pill, quick fix or one-size-fits-all solution.
  • use intimidation and fear tactics to “whip your child into shape.”
  • just want to get in and get out.
  • don’t see the humor in kids.
  • don’t care about kids.
  • wants to blame others.

What to Do When supports you in being the parent your child needs.

And, what your child needs is understanding, support and an investment … an investment in them and in you.


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