Raising Teens Can Be Hard.
Really Hard.

Navigating the ups and downs of parenting teens can offer feel like a daily test of your patience and bring about a sense of worry...deep worry.

It’s the kind of can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, pervasive worry when you desperately want to do the right thing, but feel confused, overwhelmed, and powerless.

It’s that sense of panic — you know the one: the heart-stopping, waking at 3AM fear that your child is up to something, needs something and you don’t know what to do.

You wait for a big sign that reads: “Warning. Danger Ahead.”

Please, consider this your sign.

If you have a teen, there IS danger ahead.

You are Not Alone

Ninety-nine percent (99%!) of the parents who come into my therapy practice feel.

Parenting at this phase of your son or daughter’s life can be exhausting, demanding, grueling and just straight-up difficult because as teens grow, so do their problems.

The things that worked when they were younger, won’t work now.
In addition, there is a concerning trend that I call middle-of-the-road parenting.

The peril of middle-of-the-road parenting is that all too often,
you miss the warning that something big is going on.

Danger Can Take Many Forms...

  • your teen is no longer talking with you.
  • your teen is experiencing anxiety or depression.
  • your child has been searching porn sites.
  • your daughter just announced she and her boyfriend want to take their relationship to the "next level."
  • your daughter received detention for pushing another student.
  • your son's progress report shows a few F's.
  • your child’s best friend is cutting.
  • you heard that a group of kids in your child’s grade just got busted for smoking pot.

Nowadays, it’s no longer a matter of if your child will experience or be exposed to things. It’s a matter of when.

Because of your need, I have created What to Do When™, a unique series to address these concerns and more.

What to Do When™ pulls from my proven treatment plans that have helped the adolescents and parents I have worked with in my practice.

It is your companion to address the tough stuff, in the most supportive, open, and loving way, before things spiral out of control.

What to Do When™ offers three dynamic ways to help you navigate the confusing, frustrating and worrisome experiences that you and your teen with face. With What to Do When:

  • Understand how and what makes your adolescent tick.
  • Learn how to talk and listen so your child opens up.
  • Understand how to prevent future issues before they start.
  • Redirect and respond by anticipating situations your tween-to-teen will experience.
  • Help your adolescent develop skills to be more flexible, solve problems and manage conflict and pressure.
  • Reduce tension, fighting and power struggles between you and your child.
  • Create a robust system of support for you child and yourself.
  • Up-level the relationship between you and your tween-to-teen.
  • Establish trust and respect between you and your child.
  • Stop feeling like you are walking on eggshells around your child.
  • Feel centered and confident in yourself.

Hi, I'm Julie Smith, licensed psychotherapist, behaviorist and adolescent specialist.

For almost three decades, I have dedicated myself to the field of family and adolescent development. I specialize not only in helping parents + professionals speak teen, but I also offer support during high-risk, high-need situations.

I'm also the parent of three teens as well so I now how confusing this journey can be. 

What to Do When™ supports you in being the parent your child needs during the uncertain adolescent years. And, what your child needs is understanding, support and an investment … an investment in them and in you.


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