We've all been there... 

A friend or family member is dealing with a tough situation, whether it's a critically ill child or the sudden loss of a spouse, and we want to help but don't know how.

What happens, though, when that tough situation, that crisis, is in your house
affecting your child and your family?

What to Do When™ your Teen is in Immediate Crisis is an indispensable resource for you and parents just like you who need quick tips on what to do in the next 24-48 hours to support your child, any child, who is in crisis.
No fluff and no filler, this compilation of 1-page checklists that address the following situations:
  • Your Teen is Cutting
  • Your Teen has Runaway
  • Your Teen's School in in Lockdown 
  • Your Teen Has Been Sexually Assaulted
  • Your Teen Has Hit You
  • Your Teen Has Been Arrested
  • Your Teen is Dangerously Drunk or High
  • Your Teen is Suicidal

We are committed to getting this information to you, so we are offering you the "What to Do Right Now If Your Teen is in Immediate Crisis" at no cost.


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